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Introduce commercial music, in which I participated in piano performance and composition.

"The First Reflections"Fumio & Megumi Okui
00:00 / 00:40
“Be with you. It's my starting ”Fumio & Megumi Okui
00:00 / 01:11
Winter GiftMegumi Okui
00:00 / 00:16
Summer GiftFumio & Megumi Okui
00:00 / 00:29
Nature sceneMegumi Okui
00:00 / 00:37
Back to my homeMegumi Okui
00:00 / 00:31
Music made with the seven colors of the rainbowMegumi Okui
00:00 / 00:34


It is said that the seven colors of the rainbow correspond to D, G, A#, C, D#, F#, and A on the musical scale. By improvising using only these seven scales, we are expressing the advanced video technology of an IT company.

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